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October 6, 2009
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By Inu
September 08, 2009

It was game day and the stadium was packed with spectators. It was nearing the end of the 4th and final quarter, with only sixteen seconds in the game. Home team was up three points and the visitors, The Mighty Warriors, were twenty yards away from victory.  It started to rain. The rain drops getting heavier and heavier, drenching the players and turning the ground into a slick mush.

Each player was exhausted, but focused. Muscles tensed, breathe flaring, hands and feet digging into the ground, getting a good solid feel for the earth beneath them. Nicholas, The Warriors star quarterback, zoned in. Signaling each of his team mates making sure they were in position and ready. He eyed the enemy right in front of him, each of their grizzly faces staring back. The adrenaline started rushing, he panted harder and harder. Then took one deep breathe… Hut!!!

He received the ball, the world now in slow motion. He ran to another one of his team mates, faking a pass. Nicholas, eyeing a clear path, bolts around the chaos while the opposing team focused on the decoy. One member however, sees through the diversion and starts sprinting after him, a couple more following. Nicholas pumped his legs for all he was worth. Though against a cheetah, it didn’t seem like much. He and the other players we’re catching up. They were just about to pounce upon him when a couple of Nicholas’ team mates intervened. One taking out the cheetah, and another a hyena. It was Just Nicholas and a gazelle. Not as fast but still fast enough to gain on the tired our lion. Nicholas was at the 12 yards, 10 yards, 8 yards, getting closer and closer. He pushed harder and harder, the gazelle right on his heels. He made a desperate leap, with the gazelle mimicking the movement, latching onto his legs. He fell with a squishy thud in the muddy grass.

Nicholas rolled over and lay there, oblivious to the world around him. Panting as though he had just ran a marathon. The raindrops sprinkling his face. A noise started entering his head, faint at first then getting louder and louder. It was cheering! “Had they won?” the lion wondered. He opened his eyes slowly to see his teammates standing around, smiling down on him while others hugged and patted on each other’s back. A smile cracked on Nicholas face, still catching his breath. One of the linemen, a rhino, offered a hand. Nicholas accepted whole heartedly. He was lifted up onto his teammates’ shoulders where he got a glimpse of the coach being drenched by a container full of Gatorade that the team had dunked on him. Among the cheering and celebrating each team congratulated each other on a game well played, as tradition would have it.

After much celebrating and interviewing the team later was back in their home stadium locker room, receiving a congratulatory speech from their coach, a tall and well built bull in his late forties. “I’m very proud of you all. Inside machinery, lays gadgets each with its own special function. If one could not work properly, the machinery would fail as a whole. What you have displayed today was nothing short of extraordinary. Each working with the other, never letting another piece run by itself. I couldn’t ask for a better team.” With that he motions for everyone to clean up and then leaves.

The team converse as they clean their gear, musing on what they should do afterward. “Congrats on the win Nicholas” said Rick. A fair sized Bengal with a body builder-like physique. “I couldn’t have done it without you guys” replies Nicholas. “You’ve really taken some of that heat off my rear back there.” Rick scoffs at the notion and waves his hand. “That hyena was nothing. It was Casey who nearly had a heart attack trying to get that cheetah” Rick points to a wolf. Pure black, from the top of his ear tips to the tip of his toe claws. He wasn’t as built as the other players. But being light weight and fast on his feet gives him an advantage at running. “He barely nabbed the cheetah by the feet when he dived. Tripped the cheetah up a bit” Rick said, chuckling. Casey heard the comment, walking over. “Maybe next time you’d like to try catching seventy-five miles per hour feline on slick grass.” Rick waved off the notion “yeah, yeah. I was just joking” Nicholas winked at the wolf. “Don’t worry about it mate, couldn’t have done it without ya.” The wolf shrugged and went back to cleaning up his gear.

Everyone was nearly done cleaning their things up. “Alright everybody!” Rick exclaims. “After a quick shower, how about we all head over to the local pub and have ourselves a little victory party! Invite friends and family, just not your parents, and invite any lady friend you know or happen to meet driving by. Sound like a plan?” With many cheers of agreement they headed towards the showers, a few at a time. Rick calls back to Nicholas who lags behind, “you coming man?” Nicholas smiles and points in another direction “think I’ll go hit the weights for a little while.”
“Ok. Well you know where to find us when you’re finished. We’ll catch you later.”
“Sure thing” Nicholas replied.

After an nearly an hour the locker rooms and showers were empty. Nicholas was doing bench presses in the gym. He looked at the clock. “Almost Seven” he thought to himself. He sniffed his fir mixed with the mud and sweat and B.O. from the today’s game. “It’s probably time I take that shower.” He sets the bar back in place and leaves the gym, heading to the shower room down the hall. Once he arrives he peeks inside to see if anyone is still there. After a few moments he decides the coast is clear. He starts unlacing his shoes, removing them one at a time. Then he slips his drenched and muddied socks off, revealing his furry, padded paws. The pads were a bit wrinkly and soft from the moisture inside his shoes. There was a little dirt here and there as well. He gives both his paws a good massage before taking off his shirt and shorts. Now Nicholas was completely naked. His body was well toned. The muscles in his arms and legs brimming and he stretched and flexed. He felt really good now that his clothes were off. Stretching eased the tension that his muscles had accumulated during the game. Now all he need was a nice soothing, quiet shower. He turned the shower head on, the hot water steaming up the room. He grabbed a bar of soap and began lathering up his fur.

Nicholas loved the feel of the water flowing through his fur. Making its way down his chest, spine and down his legs, straight to his foot paws. He loved the shampoo in his hair moisturizing and making it feel so soft in his hands. “If I could love this even more, I’d probably get excited from it” he thought to himself. After his entire body was done he lifted up a leg to start lathering up his foot paw. He started scrubbing in between his toes, washing bottom of his sole as well as the top of his paw. Then he repeated the process on his other paw making sure there was no dirt or grime left. After every inch of his bod was washed, he lifted his head, letting the shower spray his face for some time before turning off the water.

Nicholas grabbed a couple towels wrapping one around his waist and using the other to dry his fur out. He headed back to the locker room to get some clean fresh clothes. He sat on the bench and inserted a set of numbers into his combination lock and opened his locker. There he had a good pair of Air Speed shoes; some loose baggy, but not too baggy blue jeans, a black muscle shirt with a dark green button-up short sleeved shirt and a clean white pair of socks that end at the ankles. He didn’t like skateboarding but he liked the wardrobe and it was part of his everyday style.  He slipped on his boxer briefs and then his pants. Before he put his socks and shoes on he always did something he didn’t want the other guys to see. This is the secret he had always kept from everyone else as well as the reason he always waits until everyone is done with showers and leaves. He picked out a bottle of lotion from his locker and squirted a good amount to his right hand paw. He rubbed his hands together and set his right foot paw on top of his left leg. He then started working the creamy lotion into his paw. The lotion gave off a cinnamon and cream aroma. He worked it in between his toes, then used his thumbs to work it into his sole, concentrating more on the arch. His hands smoothed of the top of his foot paw before going to the toes and just massaging them vigorously.  Nicholas repeated the same steps to his left foot paw before extending his legs observing his work. The paws looked so clean and soft. He flexed and curled his foot paws repeatedly admiring the work he had done. He’s taken much care of his foot paws, putting much consideration into them ever since he could remember. During games or practices he would where extra thick socks to make sure they don’t build caulis easily during any kind of runs or exercises.

Now he started slipping on his socks slowly, watching his luscious soles disappear under the cotton like clothing. He was so distracted by this he didn’t even notice the shadowy figures sneaking up behind him. One grabbed his left arm and the other grabbed his right holding him steady, while the third reached around his head and held a handkerchief with a smelly liquid on it over his muzzle. “MMMMMMPPPHHHH!!!” Nicholas screamed into the kerchief as he tried to fight his attackers off. However his body became so weak in a short amount of time, he couldn’t summon the strength to retaliate. His eyes closed slowly and he struggled less and less, until he finally passed out.

A short time later Nicholas started to stir. He tried moving his hand to so he could rub his eyes, but he couldn’t move them! He tried tugging at his legs but that didn’t work either! He sprang up, trying to orientate himself. He was still a little dizzy from the drug. He blinked a few times trying to focus his vision. Nicholas was beginning to see three figures. He focused harder until his vision was stable. It was the three members of the opposing team that tried to tackle him down! The cheetah, hyena and the gazelle. He started to yell at them “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The three chuckled at him. “First he’s king of the jungle, then he’s a star quarterback. To me he looks like a big chicken” the hyena stated chuckling. “Yes, the fear is evident in his eyes, despite the angry façade” the cheetah added.

The gazelle stepped forward, obviously the leader of the group. “I am Nef’Tali. This is Greg the cheetah and Niki the Hyena.” Nicholas glanced at each of them, noting that each stared back with disdain. “You’ve stolen our victory from us. Humiliated us at our own stadium! This will not go unpunished!” The gazelle snapped his fingers and the other two walked towards Nicholas. He was getting very uneasy now, not sure what they might do. “You know, you should always some kind of foot wear to protect those paws of yours” the gazelle stated. Nicholas was beyond nervous now as two of his captors stood next to his feet. “Especially after you put so much care into those them” Nef’tali added. Nicholas now freaked. “No. Don’t tell me you s—ah ha hahahah”

Nicholas cut off mid-sentence and started giggling as the hyena dragged a claw up his left sole. The socked paw quivered then clenched down, wrinkling up the sock’s features. “Not only did we see you Mr. Star Quarterback, but we also recorded you while you weren’t looking!” the gazelle exclaimed as if he’d won a great victory. “How interesting…” the cheetah mused as he lightly poked at the right sole. Nicholas’ giggles got louder as his foot paw tried hitting the hands away. “Leave my feet alone!” Nicholas begged.
“Not to worry” Nef’tali commented. “We shall leave you to yourself.”

The two captors at Nicholas’ feet tugged off the socks and started applying a milky liquid to his paws as well as putting some salt on them. Then they backed away. “We have set up a secret video camera and we’ll be recording you. From now on you shall do what we say, when we say it. Or, we will post this video on the school’s message board.” Greg and Niki then left. Nef’ tali was about to leave then turned and walked back to Nicholas. “Don’t worry Nicholas, I promise we’ll both get a laugh out of this” he whispered into Nicholas’ ear and with that he left the room.

Nicholas examined his settings. He was in the coach’s office. His hands were bound behind his back and his legs were tied to the table he was sitting on. All he was wearing was his pants. He hadn’t yet put on his shirt or shoes when they abducted him and they had taken the only protection his paws had left off.  He thought maybe he could edge forward and get off the table, but it seemed his bound hands were also bound to something in back. He turned his head to see an extended rope that went underneath the table. He was stuck. He then wondered about Nef’tali’s comment. He thought for sure they were gonna tickle him crazy and post it on some website, but they had left. Maybe they thought someone finding him bound like this would be embarrassing enough and keeping the video with his secret was just added precaution to make sure he stayed in line. At that thought he wondered when someone would find him. He looked at the clock.

“Close to seven-thirty… The guys are probably getting all drunk already and not even thinking about me right now…” Nicholas sighed and slumped his head down. “It’s the weekend too, so the janitor won’t be here…” Just as he thought this he heard steps. He jolted his head up and started yelling for help. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe the janitor had to work this weekend. Hope had filled his heart and was about to laugh with happiness when he saw a goat head enter through the doorway.

Nicholas was dumbfounded for a second. “Why is there a goat in the building?” he wondered. Another goat came in and now they were both standing there, staring at something… Then it dawned on him! The milky substance and the salt. Nicholas now knew what they were planning. He started trying to break free of his binds, tugging and kicking at the rope that held his foot paws in place.

This got the goats’ attention and the stepped closer and closer. Nicholas started yelling at them. Begging them to go away. The goats were unsure to go so near so loud a creature as him, but then they smelled something they could easily recognize. Salt and milk. Now they were at his soles. Nicholas starting to have a panic attack. One goat started to sniff his right sole causing a slight tickle sensation to course through Nicholas’ nerves. “Pfft eh hehehehe hahah. Stop that!” Nicholas pleaded. As soon as the other goat saw it was ok, it wasted no time and started lapping at his left sole.
“Yee hee hee hee! No! Stooohohohop!”
His feet started quivering in agony. He tried kicking at the beasts’ snout, but the length of rope didn’t allow enough momentum for it to even be registered as a kick. The goats just continued, moistening up his already soft soles even more with their saliva.

Outside the school in a van the three jocks from the other University watched the scenario take place on their laptop. Laughing at how ticklish and sensitive he really was. “Wow, check that out. A big soft sensitive guy like him playing football? Please.” Niki scoffed. “You’re one to talk,” Greg butted in. I remember the time you got drunk in high school and someone had you squealing like a little girl.”
“I was drunk!” the hyena rebuttled.  “You were strapped down wearing a skirt. Doesn’t matter how drunk you could get me, that’d never happen to me.” Greg said assuredly. Niki was starting to get angry at the crude comments Greg was making about him. “Oh yeah, well I don’t need you drunk to make you where a skirt pretty boy!”
“Quiet!” Nef’tali yelled. “I’m trying to watch this. If you two are going to bicker around take it outside.” The two jocks calmed down, also interested at how things are turning out with their new lion toy and watched intently.

Nicholas was now starting to sweat. He thrashed his foot from side to side trying to find relief, but to no avail. “This has already gone on for ten minutes!” he thought to himself. “how much longer until they clean all that stupid stuff off my paws!”
Nicholas’ thoughts were distracted as the goat on his left paw found a sweet spot. Nicholas started madly wriggling his paws. He tried bending his paws down to push the goat’s snout away from him. This only allowed the goat to get at his toes, delicately lapping at the sensitive pads. His toes went wild, clenching down as his paws wriggled around and around in a circular motion.
Though he roared allowed with all he was worth, the animals felt safe with him bound, not able to do a thing. One goat stood up on two’s and leaned on the table, running it rough tongue on the top of his paw? Though not as ticklish as the bottom it still caused Nicholas to bounce on the table, trying to shake the beast off.
Nicholas was now sweating heavily with exhaustion. He glanced at the clock noticing it was almost Eight! They had kept this up for almost Thirty minutes! But how? Shouldn’t his paws have been licked clean by now!? Sweat then trekked down his eyelid stinging his eyes. Then it occurred to him! He kept on sweating. The goats were loving the salty flavor from the sweat on his paws! They were never going to stop!
Nicholas now in a crazed panic started thrashing around with renewed vigor. Desperate to get free. The other goat now got up on its two’s and started nibbling on his toes.

Nicholas pulled his foot away, squeezing his toes as tightly as he could to prevent the creature from nibbling on his toes again. The other goat on his right foot got tired of leaning against the table and got back down on all fours. Noticing that it’s saliva had dried during the time it was giving the top of Nicholas’ sole attention, and allowing sweat to build up all over the sould. The goat started lapping at the heel causing Nicholas to flex his feet in ticklish stress. He started shaking his legs in ticklish agony, knowing there was nothing he could do to make them stop.
The goat at his left foot was still trying to get at the toes, which were still clenched down so it couldn’t get a hold of it. It used it’s snout to try to push the toes upward. Nicholas, though was exhausted and enduring the biggest tickle session of his life, tried concentrating on keeping those toes down. If he lost that battle, he wouldn’t be able to stay sane any longer. He pulled back his right foot from the other goat and clenched those toes down as well wrinkling up his sole. The goat was forced to lean up against the table as well. Seeing the other goat and it’s action the goat at his right foot started repeating the same process, rubbing it’s snout in an upward motion against his sole, trying to unclench the toes.

The three captors in the van stared on in great amusement. “I’ve never seen anyone that ticklish!” The hyena stated. “Hey! Fifty bucks says he doesn’t last another ten minutes!” Greg smiled, “I don’t gamble, but how about you Nef’tali?” The hyena and cheetah stared at the leader, noticing he was in deep thought. “Five minutes” the gazelle replied. The two looked at each other and back at Nef’tali. “What?” the both asked. “If he loses this stalemate with the goats and they get to his toes. I’ll give him five mintues.”
Both the captors sat back in the chair confused at how serious the gazelle was sounding. Greg observed the gazelle, noticing the deep breathes he was taking, the sweat appearing on his head, the deep concentration on the video, and most obviously the bulge that was appearing in the gazelle’s pants. Greg knew what kind of person Nef’tali was. He loved tickling. He came up with all these weird tickling contraptions. He’s able to exploit anyone and everyone’s ticklish spots, even if they don’t believe they’re ticklish themselves. Friend or foe, whoever gets on his bad side, suffers the consequences.
Greg looked at Niki. Niki looked back at him with, smirking with confidence, obviously thinking he’ll win the bet. The cheetah just smirked at him and turned back around watching the video. If Nef’tali loses this bet to Niki, the hyena will definitely have something to smile about later on.

Nicholas was gritting his teeth. His toes were beginning to feel sore from the constant pressure he was putting them under to keep them down. At one point the goats almost had them, he slipped up for a second, but the goats were to slow to notice that they had them up at one point. Nicholas held his breathe, concentrating hard on the toes. The goats were starting to get anxious. One goat stopped what it was doing and looked at the wrinkles on the soles. It’s nose twitched and then it leaned forward, opening its mouth and driving the tongue upward, applying enough force to cause even more wrinkles as it licked upward. This caught Nicholas all by surprise. He gasped, losing the breath he was holding in. His toes unclenched a little but immediately squeezed down again. The other goat mimicked its partner applying the same treatment. Nicholas was now giggling slightly; foot paws shaking as the new ticklish feeling were making its way in again. The goats licked his soles over and over, starting from the arch and working their way up to toes. Tongue digging into the foot paws. Nicholas began laughing as his toes were losing the battle and the ticklish feeling was making its way back into his nervous system. The goats licked once, twice, thrice more, and then it happened. His toes sprang up no longer able to endure the pressure and the goats latched on, sucking the sweet salty sweat from them. Licking in between the toes where the sweat had built up. The poor exhausted lion now screamed in ticklish agony. Laughter blasting out from his mouth.
The lion shook his head savagely, barking pleads for mercy.
Nef’tali was grinning from ear to ear, enjoying every last second of the lions ticklish torture. Niki was checking his watch. The five minutes were almost up. Niki looked at Greg in triumph. The Cheetah just scoffed and waved him off. Just then, a car pulled up behind them.

“HAHAHAHEHEEEEHEHEAHAHHAAH” Nicholas bellowed allowed. He did not know if his please reached the ears of his captors. All he knew is that he was too exhausted to try to form any more words. One goat got tired and went back to his soles while when stayed gently lapping just under the toes. His toes wiggled and clenched half-heartedly, too sore to ward off the goats’ evil tongues. He flexed his paws from side to side, just to have the goats follow and continue their torture. He drew in what he knew would be his last breathe, his last desperate cry for help. He got ready to bellow but just as he let it out one got nibbled at his toes and the other’s tongue explored his instep and his mighty roar turned into a mouse’s squeal!
With the last of his air depleted, all he could do was gasp in air he could barely keep. He rocked his body side to side, his paws shifting the same direction his body does. He could no longer wiggle his toes or shake his legs. The poor, tired out lion finally laid back and took the tickle torture succumbing to unconsciousness, allowing the goats to lick all over his feet freely.

Just then Rick and Casey dash in, separating the goats from Nicholas’ feet paws. Casey took the goats out the door and led them outside while Rick tended to Nicholas. “Hey Nick! You alright?” The Bengal started lightly tapping the lions face. “Hey, you ok there buddy?”  The lion opened up his eyes halfway, staring at the Bengals face, still catching his breath. All he could do was slightly nod his head. Bengal undid his binds while talking to Nicholas. “We didn’t get to the pub until seven. No one wanted to start the party without the star quarterback. We waited for an hour and everyone got worried about you. We came back to see if you were here and that universities van just peeled out in front of us. What kind of trouble did you get yourself into guy?” Rick helped the lion sit up straight and allowed him to catch his breath.
Casey came back with some of Nicholas’ clothes. “Be needing this?” The wolf tossed him his shirt, setting his shoes on the ground. “Heh, wow you that exhausted from a couple of goats? You’ve just spent a day on the field with some huge beasts and you weren’t nearly as tired as you are now.”
Nicholas slipped on his shirt, not daring to mention his secret.
“No need to worry about that. We’ll get those little punks when they least expect it. Right now we got a party to go to!” Nicholas had just finished putting on his shoes. After his ordeal the last thing he was thinking about was a party. “No thanks guys, I think I’ll get some shut eye at home.”  
“Oh no! You ain’t gonna pass out here from a couple of goats. You’re going to that party then you can pass out after drinking one beer for all I care. Just as long as you’re there!” The Bengal retorted.  Casey and Rick both took a side, helping the lion outside.

The three captors were driving back to the university. The van full of Niki’s innocent mirth and good cheer at winning fifty bucks from Nef’tali. “Hey come on, Nef’tali. There’s no need to be a sore loser. Why so gloomy. Sure you lost a game, and a bet all in one day but hey think on the bright side. Now I actually got money to buy you a drink when you actually have a game winning touchdown. Hahahaha!”
Nef’tali was deep in thought. He’s never met such a ticklish person as Nicholas before. He must have him again, and next time he’d be able to personally show Nicholas a good time. For now he was already plotting for his next victim. He just needed to make a quick stop at the university to pick up some equipment. He was already excited and didn’t feel like getting any rest tonight. Greg just sat back in his seat, watching the gazelle intently. Not daring to say a word.  The hyena continued on with his senseless prattle. “Man why are you two so silent and gloomy. You need to start thinking on the bright side. Laugh out alittle. Ahahaha.”
“Oh but I am thinking on the bright side my dear Niki,” the gazelle stated. Confused the hyena looked at Greg who just smirked, shaking his head at the hyena’s arrogance. “By the end of the night I’ll have two of my special videos!”

To Be Continued?
My first ever story. I feel like since it was my first I've tried to pack too much into it. So it would help if I can get some Critique on this to help me get better at writing. Thank you all and enjoi! =p

Edit: I've noticed that copying the text from a word document into the text thing changes the layout a bit. Anyone know an easy way just to upload the file rather than have to copy and paste messing everything up?

So if you have problems while reading this you can download the word documented one here [link]
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